Lacritec – Eye Formulation

Lacritec is a new science-based formulation for eye health with Omega 3 and 6 with DHA from fish oil plus flaxseed and borage oils.


Many different things affect eye health.  The normal ageing
of tear glands, as well as extended use of contact lenses or electronic screens, environmental pollutants, prescription drugs,
refractive surgery, auto immune diseases, nutrient deficiencies and other disorders can all affect the health of the eyes.

Lacritec works systemically  from the inside-out to provide a more continuous level of support for your eye health.  Lacritec is made in Australia, in an approved pharmaceutical manufacturing facility using only the highest quality ingredients.  The ingredients in Lacritec have been specifically chosen and formulated to maximise the effectiveness of the product.  All ingredients are of the highest quality and at scientific levels.

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